All Religions and Doctrines are developed by man. Only
YHWH provides Biblical standards for living and eternal life.


What the Bible does and does not teach
The Hebrew Bible clearly teaches the following Basic Beliefs

1. There is but ONE Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-force Essence. He has always existed, as has all that exists. He is incorporeal (has no physical body) and He is solely in control of everything at all times. The Almighty’s name is YHWH (Yahweh in English). His name means “He-Is, or Ever-living.

2. YHWH has through the natural sciences (Creation) and through His special revelation to us (by the words of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible), provided His guide (the Torah*) to us for righteous living, and for keeping His Covenant/Contract (the 10 Commandments).

3. YHWH becomes as a Father to His children - to all those that accept and will keep His Covenant/ Contract, and who will strive to do His will and live righteously. He is merciful to His children and will forgive and restore the repentant sinner as a member of His heavenly household.

No additional man-made religious belief system or man's religious doctrines need to be believed by “faith” to enter the Kingdom of YHWH and into eternal life. By sincerely seeking YHWH’s council through prayer YHWH will place His renewed Covenant/Contract to dwell “within” believers in Him. Then they will begin to know His will for each, and to do it. They will then become members of His heavenly household. At the end of this life on earth each can look forward to an eternal life, to be with Him as their Father, to partake in a plan for each in His Kingdom, and to join forever with the existing members of His innumerable Universal Heavenly Host.

*Note: Torah is not what is known as the law, the statutes, the judgments (ordinances). These were the civil and the religious laws for Israel when it was first organized as a theocracy under Moses, "to do them in the land which I gave them to possess it," (Deut. 5: 31). That Ancient National Israel has not existed since 721 BC. The modern Jewish State called Israel is not related to the Ancient Biblical Israelites. The descendants of the ancient Israelites have been scattered (lost) throughout the nations of the globe - many unaware that they are Israelites. A true Israelite today, is anyone that accepts Yahweh's Covenant, and strives to keeps it, (Isa. 56).

The Hebrew Bible does not teach the following man-made doctrines

1. That God is a Trinity composed of three persons called the Father, who is incorporeal, the Son who has a body, and the Holy Spirit, who is also incorporeal. That the Son is now sitting on the “right hand of the Father” in a place called heaven. Note: To be incorporeal is to be without a body, having no physical or visible existence.

2. That everyone born today (even a new born baby) is a sinner and thereby condemned to death unless saved by believing in Jesus as a sacrifice to please the Father God.

3. That Jesus was born of a virgin, to become a sinless god-man. That he was the second person (the Son) of a Trinity Father God, having always existed. That he was sent to become a sacrifice so that the Father God could feel good enough to forgive man’s sins committed against him through the sacrificial death of His son-god.

4. That there exists another Spirit God, who is called the third person (God) of the Trinity, this one "proceeds from the Father and the Son God" and is sent to dwell within believers and/or to influence men.

5. That “faith” in Jesus, the god-man who died on a wooden cross as a sacrificial payment to the Father God for man's sins; who was brought back to life on the third day, by the Father God; who is now seated on the right hand of the Father God in a place called heaven, must be believed. According to Christianity, this must be believed by faith in order to be "saved." It is part of the fundamental acceptable Creeds of Christianit, i.e. the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed.

Is there a New Covenant?
The word "Covenant" has the meaning of a "contract" or "agreement." A contract or Covenant is an agreement between two or more parties. In the Bible, "The Covenant/Contract" was the original agreement that Yahweh (God) made with the chosen ancient Israelites of the OT, (Deut. 5:2-22) for the parties to do and not to do certain things. This Covenant had penalties for violations, but blessings for keeping it. Over time the Israelites violated the agreement many times and were punished because of it, but the violated party (Yahweh) had the right to modify the covenant and/or redeem the violator if He chose to do so. Yahweh did this and forgave Israel for violations many times because of His mercy. In time Yahweh chose to "renew" the original Covenant. Christianity refers to a "New Covenant," but only the violated party can modify the violated covenant, made with the original party (the Israelites). A new covenant could only have been made if both parties agreed to a new Covenant. In time, Yahweh also permitted non-Israelites to enter into the same Covenant, and under the exact same conditions as the ancient Biblical Israelites, (read Isaiah 56). There is no "New Covenant." Yahweh Himself "renewed" the Covenant by His mercy from an external, (administered by the priesthood) to an internal one that comes with a built in knowledge of the Father's revealed will to all those that choose to follow Him.

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