For truth seekers to discover - The Bible was written by
man and best understood using logic and reason.

Bible Logic 101

Logic = reasoning. The "word" (logos Greek) in John 1:1-5, is the expression of
the logical thought of the Heavenly Father YHWH. It comes to those that seek
Him in prayer, keep His Comandments, and desire to do His will.

This NASA photo is of our Milkyway Galaxy of which our sun is one of the estimated
100 - 400 billion stars, many believed to have planets orbiting around them capable of supporting life

The heavens declare the glory of the Almighty and
the firmament shows His handywork. Ps19:1

The purpose of this site is to guide the visitor and truth seeker to the path of Biblical logic (expressed reason) to understand the principles for righteous living as found in the Torah* of the Hebrew Old Testament Bible (OT) and the correct understanding of the sayings of the prophet Yahshua (Jesus) when quoted by him in the Greek New Testament writings (NT). Biblical logic (reason) rejects and discards the pagan doctrines introduced by the Roman Catholic compilers of the NT. The prophet Yahshua never used the NT but confirmed the Torah and the principles taught in the OT Bible through his teachings (if correctly recorded in the synoptic Gospels) or in the writings of the true appointed apostles. We must reject the teachings and opinions of the Pharisee Paul/Saul and anything written or taught by him, by Christianity, or by others when it is contrary to the principles first set in the OT that Yahshua (Jesus) used.
*Torah defined =
instructions - like as a Father would provide to his children. The Torah is not what was called the law, the statutes, or the Judgments (Ordinances) of the OT. These were the National Civil and Religious laws that established penalties and payments for violators to govern ancient Biblical Israel when it was formed under Moses as a Theocracy, (Deut. 5:31). That Nation of Israel no longer exists. True Israel is now a people forever scattered among the Nations of the Globe.

Who we worship and why
YHWH (Yahweh) the Almighty, the Creator, the Father, (aka the LORD in the KJV of the Bible) is the Almighty Sovereign revealed in the OT, (Exodus 3:14-15). The name Yahweh means “He-is” or "Ever-living" in Hebrew. Yahweh has existed from all eternity past, as has all that He has created, (Isaiah 45:18). Also existing with Him is His innumerable heavenly host, (Psalm 103:21). His existence had no beginning and has no ending. He has no equal either in the Heavens, in His vast and endless Universe, or on any of the habitable planets in His Universe, (Isaiah 42:5). As the sole Creator, He does not share His power or glory with any other being, (Isaiah 42:8). He alone possesses omnipotence. The Eternal "Yahweh our Mighty-one is one Yahweh," (Deut. 6:4). There is no other power but Him alone, (Isaiah 44:6). Yahweh does not share His creation with any other entity; neither does He inform any other of His intent. Yahweh the Almighty Sovereign Creator is the Life-force Essence that exists eternally throughout all that is. He only possesses all wisdom, pure-light, and gives life. It is to Him only we must address ourselves, to be consoled in our sorrows and in our joy. He only is to be worshipped (not any other being, person, or object). Yahweh is the Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-force Essence. He only deserves our praise, devotion and worship. Through Him only can men obtain eternal life.

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